Martin Shkreli Plays Unreleased Wu-Tang Music on Live Stream


A couple of weeks ago, Martin Shkreli had promised that if Donald Trump won the Presidential election, he will release his entire collection of unreleased music for free. And since Trump scored a surprise victory late last night, Martin did partly fulfill his promise by playing unreleased music from Wu-Tang Clan on Periscope.


If you remember — the pharmaceutical businessman is the sole owner of Wu Tang Clan’s album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, after snapping it up for a reported $2 million. After passing time talking about the election and playing his guitar, he finally played two never heard before songs from the Clan on his live stream.

One of them has been recorded and posted online by a user. You can clearly hear members of the Wu-Tang performing on a song the world has never heard before. After playing the music, Martin told fans (second clip, 5 minute onwards) that he won’t be playing any more tunes without prior permission from the group as he had promised them that he won’t be releasing any music before getting a green light from them.

5 minute mark:

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