Logic Reveals Title of Final Album Through Secret Message in ‘Everybody’ Booklet

Logic’s latest album Everybody has satisfied his core fan base to the maximum and the first week sales projections of over 220k are a testament to that.


The special limited edition of Everybody, which is restricted to 10,000 copies, comes with a 44 page booklet. In the same, Logic explains concepts behind some of the songs and shares the special artwork done by his friend Sam Spratt. Of course, the booklet also has full credits, including writers and producers who contributed to the project.

But the most interesting part of the booklet is the hidden message that Logic left for his fans (thanks to this reddit user for catching it). On page 18 of the booklet, Logic asks fans to read the letter at the end of the booklet and to decipher it, pay attention to every 8th and 5th word of it.

Here’s the letter in question, which appears at the end of the booklet:

For those who can’t read it clearly:


Here’s what comes out of it:

“For the real fans reading this hidden message my next album will be called Ultra 85, and it will be the conclusion to this saga.”

As Logic said in his interview with Genius, Ultra 85 will be his last album.

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