Get Ready For Fireworks: Timbaland Accepts Swizz Beatz’ Beat Battle Challenge

It’s on. Swizz Beatz has been poking his friend Timbaland for a beat battle for weeks now and it looks like the epic competition will go down indeed.


Swizz took some shots and hyped the crowd at the Mayweather/McGregor press conference at Barclays Center yesterday (July 13) when he openly invited Timbo for a beat battle, similar to the one he did with Just Blaze back in February. That moment went on to become a historical one as thousands of fans tuned in live on Instagram to watch the two beat geniuses face off in front of a select audience. That day, Swizz even debuted a never heard before DMX song featuring Jay-Z, Nas and Jadakiss.

Just minutes ago, Timbaland posted a clip on Instagram where he accepted the challenge from Swizz and he sounds pretty confident of beating him as well. No details about the date and venue have been revealed yet but we’re sure it is being worked on as we speak. This will be a great spectacle for Hip-Hop fans.

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