UGK Archives Reportedly Destroyed Due To Hurricane Harvey

Even though the situation in and around Houston has got better over the last day or so, Hurricane Harvey continues to ring devastation both in terms of life and property.


Houston rapper Doughbeezy alerted fans earlier today via Instagram that the late Pimp C’s son, Lil Chad is still stuck in his grandmother’s home with his wife and an elderly neighbor in 6 feet of water. He was re-posting Bun B’s wife Queenie, who also revealed that the archives of UGK have been destroyed due to the hurricane’s wraith.

@cherrellrene we @djhawkonline to help them with boat! @Regrann from @doughbeezy

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“All archives of UGK that was left is now gone. Please be thankful for what you have. Do not complain about anything,” wrote Bun B’s wife on her instagram. Pimp C’s widow also confirmed that by re-posting this particular message. It isn’t known yet what all the archives contained. Maybe unreleased music? Or photos and video footage? Whatever it is, it is quite unfortunate.

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