Eminem Releases ‘River’ Feat. Ed Sheeran As New Single From ‘Revival’

Eminem’s new album Revival has been the topic of discussion ever since it was announced a few weeks ago. Fans had been wondering what direction the veteran rapper will be taking on the album as not much was being revealed. After the political themed artwork was unveiled by him last week, there was a lot of confusion as the song titles on the tracklist were saying another story.


Revival leaked on to the internet earlier today and the response so far has been mixed to say the least. As feared, the production on the album is hardly Hip-Hop, with most beats having a Pop-Rock influenced sound. One track that is standing out is ‘River’ featuring Ed Sheeran. The song has been officially serviced to radio stations across the country by Intersope Records, HHNM can confirm so you can expect to hear it everywhere in the coming weeks.

In an interview with Billboard, Ed revealed that he was traveling to Australia and staying at Russel Crowe’s farmhouse when he got the call from Paul Rosenberg to work on the song in March, 2016. The singer then recorded a demo and sent it back which the rapper really liked. The final product was created earlier this year.

Hear the full song ‘River’:

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