Fat Joe Blames 50 Cent for Creating ‘Bad Energy’ in New York Hip-Hop In The Past

Fat Joe and 50 Cent are absolutely cool with each other now but they had a long standing beef in mid 2000s which even got violent at an occasion or two. Since burying the hatchet back in 2012 at the BET Awards for the Chris Lighty tribute, the two have maintained a close relationship, even working on music together.


But when it comes to the conversation about whether 50 was responsible for disturbing the peace within New York at the time, Fat Joe believes his friend is to be blamed indeed. During an interview on Complex’s Everyday Struggle show today, Joey Crack spoke on his past beef and current relationship with 50 Cent (starting at the 33:30 mark).

“He caused that energy coz prior to that, New York Hip-Hop got along,” said Fat Joe. “That energy f*cked up the New York vibe… It was a bad time for New York Hip-Hop,” Joe continued when asked if the decline in New York Hip-Hop’s success at the time was partly 50’s fault. It’s kind of surprising that Joe spoke this freely because it’s a thought 50 doesn’t agree with and takes quite personally. 50 has always maintained that as a street guy, he had to go after not just Ja Rule but also everybody supporting him at the time.

Joe did mention that “50 Cent is family” and he’s lucky to be only one of the few people the G-Unit boss follows on social media. Watch the interview below.

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