Bizarre & 50 Cent Think Eminem Took Shots at Joe Budden on ‘Chloraseptic’ Remix; Joe Responds

UPDATE 2: Bizarre went on social media to convey his feelings to Joe Budden. Watch below.


#Bizarre if D12 goes off on #joebudden 👀👀👀 #eminem #50cent #drdre

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UPDATE: 50 Cent, another Shady loyalist has joined in too. “That was a bad idea, look you got a little ass whopping coming. It’s not a big deal, you will get over it,” wrote the rapper on his Instagram.

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Bizarre may not have made a song with his D12 boss Eminem in a long time but that doesn’t mean he’s not staying loyal to him.

When Eminem released the ‘Chloraseptic’ remix earlier today, fans were talking about the shots that he is firing towards his critics with many believing a few of them were aimed at Joe Budden. The Slaughterhouse member was quite critical of Eminem’s song ‘Untouchable’ on Complex’s Everyday Struggle show and wasn’t impressed when the tracklist for the album was released.

Bizarre definitely thinks the Shady Records boss is taking shots at Budden. “Never bite the hand feed u.. I never like to do anyway chump @JoeBudden,” Bizarre wrote in one tweet. “Make sure u keep up that same Energy @JoeBudden dont get Quiet now.. f*cking clown,” he continued.

On the ‘Chloraseptic’ remix, Em calls out those who made a judgment about his album before it even came out and claimed he outsold all rappers despite cutting his fan base into half by dissing Donald Trump. “Not as raw as I was, ‘Walk on Water’ sucks / B*tch, suck my d*ck / Y’all saw the track list and had a fit before you heard it / So you formed your verdict / While you sat with your arms crossed / Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs (chill!)/Nah, dog, y’all sayin’ I lost it, your f*ckin’ marbles are gone,” rapped Eminem on the song. Joe did have one video about his podcast where he sat with his arms crossed.

Joe responded to Bizarre’s shots but soon deleted the tweets. See below.

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