Doe B’s Killer Sentenced to 85 Years in Prison

The man who killed Doe B named Darius Thomas was sentenced to 85 years in prison Wednesday after Thomas pleaded guilty to three counts of murder in December.


Three men were indicted on murder and assault charges in connection with a shooting that killed three, including Alabama rapper Doe B, and injured eight inside the Centennial Hill Bar and Grill in Montgomery in 2013. Doe B was signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle label at the time. Darius Thomas, 28, of Montgomery was indicted last month on the charges of capital murder, two counts of murder, reckless murder and three counts of first-degree assault. Another person named Jason McWilliams was indicted on the charges of reckless murder and three counts of first-degree assault.

The mothers of the three victims: Doe B, Kimberle Johnson, and Timnarious Hamilton spoke to the Court before the sentence was handed down, reports WSFA. “It’s been a long battle losing our children”, Doe B’s mother Shirley Thomas stated. “I forgave Darius and I want justice to be served.”

Judge Greg Griffin asked Thomas to address a group of teens sitting in the jury box with a local non-profit leader, Charles Lee, who works to divert teens from a life of crime. “Get a real job, find Jesus, and take life seriously”, Thomas told the group. “Be a man, mind your responsibilities and find God in your life. It took me coming here to find God. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Your homeboy isn’t your homeboy. Don’t get in the wrong crowd.”

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