Kanye West Calls Hot 97; Repeatedly Says “I Love You” To Ebro (Audio)

Yesterday, Hot 97’s asst. program director, Ebro talked about a phone call he had with Kanye West over the weekend.


The radio host talked about the conversation he had with ‘Ye where the rapper openly told him that he “loves Donald Trump.” Ebro has been quite critical of the rapper’s views about Trump and his support the other day on Twitter for Candace Owens, an “activist” who regularly criticizes the Black Lives Matter movement.

Today on the show, Kanye called into the station out of nowhere and kept telling Ebro that he “loved him.” Kanye also hummed a line from Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You‘ to make the environment light. He finished the call by saying that he will have an offline talk with Ebro before doing a proper interview on the show. Listen to Kanye’s call below.

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