50 Cent Explains Origins of “Get The Strap” Phrase

A lot of internet is now familiar with 50 Cent’s catchphrase “get the strap” which is getting more and more popular everyday. 50 started using it as a phrase at the end of almost all his Instagram posts and that is where it started to grow from.


“Get the strap” gained even more notoriety then it became the subject of an NYPD investigation as the authorities took it as a literal threat to a police officer involved in Brooklyn’s Love & Lust club closure case. Fans of 50’s TV show POWER do know that the line was spoken by his character, Kanan in one of the episodes.

But in an interview with his own channel, Thisis50 in promotion of the upcoming season 6 of the show (July 1), 50 reveals that he wasn’t even the one who coined the phrase in the first place — it was the show’s writer, Courtney Kemp. It was her who originally wrote it as part of the script but of course, it was 50 who delivered it and made it popular later on. Watch it below.

In literal terms, “strap” means a gun so “get the strap” would mean, “get the gun” but that is now how it’s used in slang. It basically means “get the work done” or when someone has ticked you off so much you want to “get the strap.” Meaning, you want to go grab the gun to deal with the situation. Not literally, of course.

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