NYPD Investigating 50 Cent for “Get The Strap” Instagram Post

The NYPD has taken 50 Cent’s “Get the strap” hashtag too seriously it seems.


On Thursday, he posted his opinion about the controversy involving Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez and his alleged criminal shakedown of Brooklyn’s Love & Lust club owner Imram Jairam. The post has now been taken down.

“They trying to shut him down,” the rapper posted on Instagram about Love & Lust owner Imran Jairam, who has put the NYPD on notice of his intent to sue for $125 million over his claim that Gonzalez unfairly targeted his club for inspections in order to squeeze him for perks. Those perks included free round-trip tickets to Puerto Rico, reports Page Six.

“Strap” means gun in street slang so 50’s catchphrase has prompted Gonzalez to file a police complaint against him. 50 uses the line in most of his posts on Instagram just for jokes. Gonzalez “is annoyed, alarmed, and is in fear of his safety,” according to a criminal complaint filed with the 72nd Precinct that was obtained by The Post, which names the CO as a “complaining victim.”

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