Drake Says He Will Respond to Criticism From Pusha T Beef on ‘Scorpion’

The saga of beef between Drake and Pusha T isn’t exactly over, it seems. Although Pusha T has admitted that the fight is done and he has moved past it, fans are still looking for answers from Drake which the Toronto superstar will reportedly provide on his forthcoming album Scorpion.


Drake has reached out to DJ Akademiks to give him some information about his stance in the beef and what his plans are. This is following Akademiks’ recent criticism of Drake on the Everyday Struggle show where he claimed (watch below) that Drake did have a scathing response to Pusha T’s ‘The Story of Adidon‘ ready but decided to tone it down after J. Prince’s intervention. Ak claimed that Drizzy will be delivering the response on his upcoming album Scorpion which hits stores June 29.

Responding to the rumors, Drake decided to reach out to DJ Akademiks personally to clarify a few things. The first thing he reportedly claimed was that he never “changed” any diss response he had. According to Akademiks, the second thing Drizzy said was that the beef stepped beyond just music and to avoid the same from going to a “dark place,” he had to put a stop. “You won’t get it and the fans won’t get it,” Drake reportedly told him. “June 29, there are answers on there that will make you understand,” the “Nice for What” rapper supposedly told him. Listen to Akademiks recounting his chat with Drake below.

This is of course not coming from the horse’s mouth but it’s first hand account from DJ Akademiks who shouldn’t have a reason to lie. We should find out how the story unfolds in a couple of weeks.

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