Kendrick Lamar Makes Acting Debut on 50 Cent’s ‘Power’ Show: Watch

Kendrick Lamar’s guest appearance on 50 Cent’s hit TV show POWER has been much talked about already. The TDE rapper makes a cameo on episode 5 of the Starz drama titled “Happy Birthday” which aired tonight (Sunday) but has been available on the app since Saturday.


The DAMN. rapper portrays a homeless drug addict named Laces who attempts to sell 50 Cent’s character Kanan some gift cards outside of a bodega. In another scene, 50 Cent shoots down the man while riding a bicycle. “I can take his wallet too, right?,” K. Dot asks 50 Cent, who responds, “I don’t give a f*ck, take his shoes too.” He also later runs into Kanan, who gives him a gun to sell for money.

Power creator and producer Courtney Kemp told the Associated Press that Kendrick’s friendship with 50 Cent helped the series secure the acclaimed rapper’s acting debut. “He and Kendrick … were hanging out and Kendrick said, ‘I’d really like to be on the show,’ and you know it goes from there,” she said. “And then I got on the phone with Kendrick and said, ‘What do you want to play?’ ‘Cause that’s my favorite thing to ask an actor. ‘What do you want to do that you’ve never done before?’ That’s my favorite question. And then he said, ‘You know, I’d like to play’ — well, he didn’t say ‘drug addict,’ but he used a different word [laughs]. But so then we created the character Laces.”

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