Travis Scott Updates ‘Astroworld’ with Nav Vocals on ‘Yosemite’ Fixed

Albums associated with Kanye West and producer Mike Dean have often suffered from unfinished sounds over the past few years and Travis Scott’s latest set, Astroworld where Mike Dean played a huge part, was no exception.


If you compare the album’s sound with some of the other major releases, you will notice how loud some songs sound, to the point that they actually start distorting on large speakers. But apart from that, the song ‘Yosemite’ has been quite the talk of the town since the album’s release. The standout song features a short verse towards the end from Travis’ good friend Nav whose verse is very low in volume and generally sounds quite rough.

Basically 😂😂😂

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There have been several memes on the internet to make jokes about the situation with even Nav joining in the fun on Instagram a couple of days ago. Some fans were calling it a mistake on part of the artists and the engineers while others were terming it as a creative decision. We are not sure what the actual reasoning was but the song has now been updated on Apple Music with Nav’s vocals sounding at par with Travis’ in not only volume but also crispness. We have to admit that this has certainly boosted the track’s overall quality. So far, the change has not reflected on Spotify for some reason but maybe it will sometime later.

You can hear the new version via the link below. If the new version doesn’t show up on your phone, try to remove the previous download from your device and library before trying again.

Astroworld has moved a massive 553k copies in the first week, scoring the second biggest opening week after Drake’s Scorpion this year. Earlier today (Friday), Travis announced the Astroworld festival taking place on November 17 in Houston.

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