Guru & Solar Interview

Via TheHHC:


In the first part of the interview, I speak to Guru & Solar about their album ‘Lost & Found’, what the album will bring to the table. They also give me their thoughts on the auto-tune craze and reveal that its used on the upcoming album and finally I speak to the duo about creativity in Hip Hop and whether its lacking.

In part 2, I ask Solar what separates him from other producers not only in New York but in Hip Hop. They tell me what ‘7 Grand’ represents and what we can look forward to from the label.

In part 3, I speak to Guru about his recent comments made to HipHopDX, when he said ‘I am Gangstarr’. Guru and Solar talk about the internet and blogs, they give advice for upcoming rappers and producers and Guru shouts out some UK artists like Wiley, Chipmunk, Kano and even some older Hip Hop artists like Hijack and Outlaw Posse.