UGK’s UGK 4 Life expected to sell 70k in First Week, Flo Rida 50k, Bow Wow 35k

I was talking to homie Sak the other day and dicsussing how next week’s slaes figures would turn out to be and when he asked me about Flo’s sales, I projected 200,000 !


I’m sorry Flo, I predicted them too much coz the album R.O.O.T.S is only looking at a total of 50,000. This brings this to my mind – ‘How may people actually buy the album on iTunes?’ considering his single ‘Right Round’ is already double platinum mainly coz of Steve Jobs’ town.

On the other hand, UGK’s UGK 4 Life is expected to total a figure of about 70,000. This is their first effort since the death of Bun B’s partner Pimp C and has had no big single high on the charts or on the radio leading to the album release.

Bow Wow’s (quite disappointing) new album New Jack City II is expected to sell 35,000 copies in the first week.