Eminem – ‘Freestyle’ + ‘We Made You’ Live on TV Total (Germany)

Above is his performance of ‘We Made You’. A freestyle from him with explanation from Paul Rosenberg, after the jump.


O.k., so this one takes a little explaining unless you are German or for some reason you watch a lot of German TV. German comedian Stefan Raab has a late-night talk show on German television called TV Total. Em has appeared on the show several times, and each time Stefan tries to get Em to do some wacky TV Total style things.

Well yesterday was no exception… Basically, all we were told was that Em was going to do an interview with Stefan for an 8 minute segment, and then he was going to perform “We Made You” live. Simple enough, right? No.

See, Stefan came back to talk to Em before the show and they went over a few topics, then Stefan suggested that him and Em perform a samba style rap. Em, and everyone else in the room thought Stefan was being silly, and didn’t take him seriously. Well, he was serious.

The crazy thing about the set on TV Total is that Stefan’s desk and the platform where the guests sit that is attached to it moves from right to left and vice-versa across the stage. After 15 (not 8 mind you) minutes of wacky German humor, Stefan pulled the lever to move the platform to the right. Now, Stefan and Marshall were sitting with the band. Some more indecipherable German banter occurred and the next thing you know- BAM! Samba rap was born.

– Paul Rosenberg