Lloyd Banks Speaks On Ross’ Eminem Diss

Via. MTV News :


“As far as calling out Eminem, c’mon man. That’s just gonna make me spank on you even harder,” Banks said Thursday (April 30), before revealing that he has another diss record coming for Ross, who he slammed with his recent “Officer Down” track.

“I got ‘Officer Down, Part II’ coming. He’ll have to deal with that,” Banks added.

“Cut it out, that’s racial. You can’t call other black people monkeys,” Whoo Kid said.

Banks didn’t take kindly to the Em insults.

“As far as calling out Eminem, you’re not in the top 10 lyricists nowhere,” Banks said. “So just sit down, man. We seen what Em can do. Em’s in a whole ‘nother lane. How do you go from praising somebody in one interview to calling him a ‘monkey’ in the next? He’s been in out of pocket too many times. We’ll see where his future goes. It doesn’t look too bright, if you ask me.”

Banks also said that Ross has nothing to be proud of as far as Deeper Than Rap’s first-week sales go.

“First of all, his first week [sales] was 150 thousand and change,” Banks said. “That was with two or three months of promotion, beefing with the most popular rapper there is right now outside of Eminem. There is no bigger promotion than that.

“He reminds me of 12 or 13 year old,” Banks added. “You know he’s always lying. He said he spoke to [G-Unit employee] Nelson [allegedly about offering Ross money to end the beef], and it already was put out there you didn’t speak to him. Then you say, ‘I took the [prison-guard] position because my boss asked’ him to. They didn’t need you to go to the penitentiary to make a buck. C’mon.”

Despite his response to Ross, Banks was actually in a great mood: It’s his 27th birthday, he just released the Happy Birthday mixtape, and “Officer Down” has been a stronger seller on iTunes.

“If [Ross] responds, it benefits me,” Banks said. “It goes straight to iTunes. I found a way to make money off a beef.”