Jim Jonsin Talks Working With 50 Cent

Jim Jonsin talked to Mixtape Daily about his future endeavors, one of which includes working with 50 Cent for the first time. Apart from that, he’ll be also producing on J. Cole’s debut & B.o.B’s sophomore effort as well as producing alongside Eminem on Yelawolf’s album. Must feel good to be in demand.


On Bobby Ray’s album:

“His last album kind of reflects who he is, but he’s growing into something new. I’m waiting for what he brings us back when we go back in the studio — he’s got some ideas — to kind of see the direction he’s going in. We’re letting him lead that. He’s really talented. The guy produces, writes, he does a lot of his own stuff. I think his album will reflect that. I think this album will have a lot of his own work on it. We’re waiting on him to give us the direction. I think there’ll be less features on this album, more him singing and rapping. Definitely less features: He wants to showcase himself more, put out more of his own ideas.”

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