Lupe Fiasco Readies New Mixtape ‘Lost In The Atlantic’

lost in the atlantic

Lupe Fiasco’s beef with Atlantic is never ending but he’s got a smart way to promote his upcoming mixtape. Yesterday, he went on Instagram to announce that Atlantic Records was not letting him release his Tetsuo & Youth album unless he releases a pop friendly single so he will put out a new project called Lost In The Atlantic Ocean. Interestingly, he deleted the post 15 minutes later but LupEND was quick to catch it.


A short while ago, he also previewed a new song featuring longtime collaborator Nikki and produced by Soundtrak which you can hear on this link.

Lupe wrote in his IG:

ATLANTIC RECORDS won’t release the album until they get a “pop” single…so putting together a mini-project while they find one for me. It’s called “Lost In The Atlantic Ocean” with a bunch of my friends to stay active and happy…this a snippet called “Lilies” feat Sirah produced by The Buchannons…finishing today…

UPDATE: Check out the official artwork above.

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