G-Unit ‘The Beast’ Listening Session In NYC (Review & Video)

g unit listening

On a brick cold night in New York City, G-Unit invited a select few to attend a private listening session at Engine Room Audio for the group’s new EP The Beast is G-Unit. HHNM was fortunate enough to be in the building for the event and paid close attention to what 50 and the gang had to offer.


The select taste makers and journalists who attended were lucky to have the entire crew on hand to watch them vibe to their own music as well as answer a couple questions about the project. Once all 5 G-Unit members (50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Kidd Kidd) arrived, the play button was pressed.

The EP features 6 tracks (peep the track list here) which serves as an appropriate follow up to their last EP The Beauty of Independence. This time, the setting is a bit different as we only hear 50 on a number of hooks rather than doing multiple verses. 50 mentioned that he did this so that the spotlight could be on the rest of the group rather than on him. The project features those vintage 50 style hooks on songs like ‘Ballin’ and ‘I’m Grown’ which is expected to be the next single.

Where the project really shines though is the work done by Banks, Buck, Yayo and Kidd Kidd. The energy and substance the four of them brought to every record will absolutely get you excited about this G-Unit reunion (if you weren’t already). Banks destroyed his verse on ‘Doper Than My Last One’ with a flow only he could achieve. Kidd Kidd showcases his incredible lyrical ability on the last track ‘Choose One’, continuing to prove wrong those saying he doesn’t belong with the rest. Both Buck and Yayo lace the tracks with the fire and strength we all grew to love when the group first came together. This reunion has brought back the group’s passion for music and it’s quite obvious to see when they talk about it. 50 also confirmed that a full length G-Unit album is on the way soon.

Following the music, the group answered a couple questions for those in attendance. HHNM was able to ask the group how they approached this project from a substance and concept perspective compared to the current industry “hits” and to their first time around as a group. 50 touched on the enhanced aggression of Hip Hop these days in current hits like “Hot N*gga” and “Coco” explaining that rappers are being almost too direct with their “hood” tales. With The Beast, he said their approach reflected where they are in life right now. He used the song ‘I’m Grown’ as an example, reciting the hook and telling the audience how the lyrics were reflection of their life in 2015: “I do what the f**k I want to…I’m grown“. He compared this to how they approached records in the early 2000s, stating that the entire crew was in a much different place in their careers and lives right now which will show in their music.

Overall, this effort from G-Unit is very promising and it’s great to see them active again. Fans cannot be disappointed with what they have in store time around with The Beast which releases March 3rd. Pre-order it here and watch a video from the listening below.

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