Gucci Mane Reveals He Has A Son in Autobiography

Gucci Mane has successfully turned his life around from being a convict with a struggling career to one of the most successful rappers of today, living a lavish and healthy life. His new autobiography, The Autobiography of Gucci Mane is out now, written in collaboration with former XXL editor Neil Martinez-Belki.


The autobiography explores the life and times of the prolific rapper, diving into his own drug use, multiple arrests for drug and weapon possession, feuds with other rappers like Jeezy, his private life, addiction to prescription cough syrup, and much more.

Arguably the biggest public revelation comes when the Atlanta rapper reveals that he had a son which he came to know about only about 10 months after he was born. Gucci was on a flight to Houston when the aircraft got caught in a dangerous tornado. In those panic moments, Gucci says that he immediately thought about his son who was born in 2007. He would be 10 years old today.

“I know what you’re thinking. What son? Truth is I didn’t know him all that well either. I’d only learned I had a child a year before. He was already 10 months old,” he writes. “A girl I used to see had a baby and people were saying it looked like me. I hadn’t even known she was pregnant. I reached out and asked her if it was mine. She was unsure. I took a blood test and sure enough, I was the father of the little boy.”

Gucci continues that he hadn’t been involved in the baby’s life as much as he should have been.

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