Funk Flex Goes In on Peter Rosenberg; Calls Him a “Fake Historian”

A few weeks ago, Funk Flex took to Twitter to argue that a bunch of rappers have stolen ASAP Rocky’s swag, specifically naming Travis Scott as one of them. Many people on social media and elsewhere had their views on the subject, including Peter Rosenberg.


Rosenberg had questioned Flex’s intentions on air and called him out for trying to create a fake beef. He also went on to say that Flex was only trying to attract attention to his social media and is someone who hasn’t even heard a Travis Scott album. Watch the discussion between him, Ebro and Laura Stylez below.

Two nights ago, Funk Flex finally decided to address Peter Rosenberg’s criticism and he too, chose to do that on air during his Hot 97 show. Flex went in on Rosenberg, calling him a “fake historian” and a “sidekick in the city.” “When father’s day comes around this year you better make sure you send me a card, because you are my son,” the veteran DJ continued. He did soften his stand a bit in the end but not before raising his voice in anger.

Flex also went to the extent of calling Rosenberg’s new Complex show Open Late, “trash.” Listen to the audio below.

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