Watch Lil Pump Vibe Near Stage as J. Cole Performs ‘1985’ at Rolling Loud

One of the songs that made the most news from J. Cole’s KOD album was ‘1985’ which was an apparent diss at Lil Pump. Cole didn’t name the “Gucci Gang” rapper specifically in the song but many fans thought that the lyrics pointed to him or at least his generation of rappers.


Pump was quick to react to the song, first taking a jab at Cole by saying “Wow, you get so much props, you dissed a 17-year-old” on Instagram and then later in another video, thanking Jermaine forΒ  bringing him clout. “Cole, thank you for all the clout,” Pump stated. “Appreciate it.”

Lil Pump commenting on his latest dust up with J. Cole.

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But it looks like there isn’t too much bad blood between the two artists. J. Cole was the headliner at Rolling Loud festival 2018 last night and of course he had to perform the controversial song. But what’s interesting is — Lil Pump was right by the stage and vibing to the track as J. Cole delivered the performance. Watch the footage below.

This past weekend, J. Cole shut down a brief chanting of “F*ck Lil Pump” during his set at JMBLYA Fest. J. Cole told the crowd “Nah, don’t do that…Don’t say that.”

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