Drake Updates Parts of ‘Scorpion’ On Streaming Services

It feels as though the world has been listening to Scorpion since it came out and that interest shows in the streaming numbers for the LP and the current first week sales projections.


When Kanye West released The Life Of Pablo, he made some changes/updates to the LP shortly after its release and this continued for a little while. People speculated how this could become the future now that artists are focused more and more on streaming because its simple to change things now and it also means that you get a few extra streams when people play songs to check what’s changed. Drake has followed suit somewhat.

We all know that he, 40 and the crew work on the album right until it has to be handed in, to the point where we have a couple of different references to XXXTentacion’s murder on the album. Fans have noticed that some parts of Scorpion have been updated on streaming platforms.

The main update is on the album’s standout ‘In My Feelings’ where Lil Wayne’s ‘Lollipop’ was previously sampled. We now have new Lil Wayne vocals, starting around the 2:17 mark. It’s also been noted that ‘Talk Up’ with JAY-Z sounds like it’s mixed a lot better now, which was an issue for people before. If you have downloaded the songs on your phone on Apple Music or Spotify, delete them entirely and re-download them for the changes to reflect.

Be sure to check back in case of any other updates.

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