Travis Scott Criticized For Removing Trans Model Amanda Lepore from ‘Astroworld’ Artwork

Travis Scott’s new album Astroworld is releasing in a day but he has landed in some controversy after fans noticed the removal of a trans model in in the album cover shared by the rapper and artist David LaChapelle.


American transgender model Amanda Lepore pointed out that she had been left out from the artwork the rapper shared (see above) as compared to the artwork sent to her by LaChapelle. “It was great being part of @david_lachapelle s incredible photograph of @travisscott s album cover but I’m curious why I’m not on the picture @travisscott posted,” she said on social media. In the version posted by David LaChapelle, the trans icon appears on the right side of Travis Scott gold head.

Travis now being accused of transphobia by fans online. While there has been no word from the rapper as to why Lepore was removed from the photo he shared, LaChapelle attempted to calm things down, which sparked criticism from angry LGTBQIA fans. “Everybody wants to explain everything with some phobia or whatever,” he wrote on Instagram. “This is a case of something else she can’t seem to control lol. Ain’t nothing to do with hating.”

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