Amerie Releases Surprise Double Album ‘4AM Mulholland’ & ‘After 4AM’

Amerie (she’s removed the extra “i”) has been busy with writing novels and being a mother but she has decided to come back to music.


The 38 year old singer has not released an album since her 2009 LP In Love & War but she did share a 6 song EP called Drive two years ago which went pretty much unnoticed. Earlier today (Thursday), she took to her Instagram and shared the artwork of two projects 4AM Mulholland & After 4AM along with a 13 song tracklist.

She told Billboard later that she is releasing a double album based on her recent life experiences. It is being released independently. “Everything on the album was recorded from when I didn’t know I was pregnant to eight, nine months [along]. “Not a Love Song” and “The Wall” were around then. I was doing little sexy rolls on those tracks. [Laughs] I record, engineer and do my own vocals and rough mixes. It was really creatively freeing.”

Check out the front and back artwork for the two sides, and stream the albums, below.

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