Eminem Speaks On B.o.B & Charles Hamilton (XXL Magazine)

Here are some more words from Eminem courtesy the June issue of XXL magazine.


It was said that Eminem has worked with 2 artists from XXL’s Top Ten Freshmen of 2009 feature but it wasn’t disclosed who the lucky ones are. It is now confirmed that the 2 artists are B.o.B aka Bobby Ray and Charles Hamilton.

We got this first for you, read on..

On B.o.B

Well, B.o.B, we have a publishing deal with. So I’ve been up on him for a while. But he’s insane. Like, talent wise. He’s, like 20 years old and the dude fuckin plays guitar, the keyboard, he writes raps. He’s not only good in writing songs in the sense of just raps, but hooks. He’s fuckin insane. He can sing.. I just worked with him a few weeks ago in the studio and I’m like, “Do you fuckin dance, too? Jesus Christ!

On Charles Hamilton:

Charles Hamilton I’ve worked with a couple of years ago, toward the end of 2007. I just made the beat to a song, but, you know, Charles Hamilton is dope.

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