The Neptunes Recording New Album

This is some great news. In a recent interview with The Herald Sun, Pharrell has revealed the making of a new Neptunes album. No further details are available but we expect it to be something like their previous effort Clones. You can check out the scans of the article after the jump. Thanks to Nerd-Pharrell.


“This new Neptunes record we’re working on right now is vicious,” he says excitedly. “It’s definitely harder – it totally demands sweat.” So how different is making a Neptunes album compared to N*E*R*D’s recent effort? “Music is music,” he says. “But with N*E*R*D we put more of our personality into it, that’s just us being us, and with Neptunes we produce for a lot of people so we allow space for their personalities, for them to be themselves and our music sort of commandeers the direction a bit.” He won’t give a release date – “But just know, I’m in here right now,” he says, before loud beats begin bouncing down the line. “Yeahhhh,” shouts Williams, “sweat time!”

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