VH1: Love & Hip Hop (Trailer)

Love & Hip Hop is VH1’s latest reality TV series which stars ladies who are or have been involved with Hip Hop artists / industry. The lineup includes Swizz Beatz’s ex Mashonda, Jim Jones‘ girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin, Fabolous‘ girl Emily Bustamante, the former first lady of G-Unit Olivia and Somaya “Boss” Reece. The show will premiere on March 14th at 10:30 PM.

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  • tonia motley

    I love this show especially my girl Chrissy,and I was so glad when she beat Kimbella ass because that was really uncalled for and I really admire Somya,I was also in a bad accident that left me scarred up, but she is beautiful they all are and very talented,and Olivia DON’T GIVE-UP.
    Emily stay strong!!

  • Shirley Hall

    Dear little Chrissy… chile, you sho do remind me of me when I was younger about 30 something ago years. I was the best friend one could have the worst enemy if you step wrong. I later lean how not to allow people to see me sweat their mess. Watch Olivia and Yandy, but your girls Somaya and Emily have good hearts. The more people say ugly things about you tells who they really are and how much they wish they could be you!!! Take this from an (older you) who have learned this after 60years on this earth. You are tuff, beautiful and they wish they could be you. I will pray that Jim and you will get married because God loves marriages. I have been with Walt for forty years and it gets sweeter as the days go by, but I had to mark my territory in this town many times!!I even had the nerves to whip up this lady in front of the jail thank God in my foolish moments, I was able to have someone who kept me from going to jail that night.