50 Cent Addresses Label Situation; Reveals Dr. Dre’s Next Single

50 spoke to MTV about the rampage that he went on yesterday on Twitter accusing his label of not cooperating with him. He also confirms that he album is not called Black Magic and that he’s featured on the next Dr. Dre single called ‘The Psycho’.


“So I had the record I was ready to launch, and we sat down and everybody talked. What happens is, there are a lot of people involved in my actual launch, because its three parties; it’s Shady, then you got Aftermath, then you got Interscope, and then you got me on my end. So by the time we got to go sit down with [Interscope chairman] Jimmy [Iovine], we talked a little bit, and then I ended up having to go see Dre, because we had the little issue, the confusion about the Twitter stuff.”

“We sat down, we cleared that up, me and Dre, and then we said, ‘Let’s just get back to the music and do what we do. Immediately after, we wrote a song together called ‘The Psycho’; it’s Dre’s next single.”

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