The Game Shares Text Message From Dr. Dre Co-Signing ‘Jesus Piece’

The Game’s 5th album Jesus Piece which features the who’s who of Hip-Hop is just 3 days away from release. Today, the Cali emcee shares a text message from none other than former boss Dr. Dre who co-signs the album, especially pointing to ‘All That‘ which samples D’Angelo’s ‘Lady‘.

Pre-order here and tell us what you think about the album, if you have already heard it.

  • G5

    the production is very good. BUT THERE IS JUST TOO MANY GUESTS

  • X fy

    “all that” is one of my personal favorites on the album but overall, its average

  • sup!

    decent album, nothing special

  • dood

    3/5, tops. Maybe even 2.5. A few strong songs, but generally a disappointing record.

  • triedge

    The album is great