Brad Paisley – ‘Accidental Racist’ (Feat. LL Cool J)

ll cool j brad paisley

Here goes yet another Rap-Country collaboration for you. LL Cool J has joined forces with Country veteran Brad Paisley on ‘Accidental Racist’, a song that appears on the latter’s new album Wheelhouse, hitting stores on Tuesday, April 9. The thought provoking song is sure to turn heads, both because of the controversial topic as well as Cool James’ decision to venture into this sound.


Brad Paisley will also appear on LL’s new album Authentic (April 30) on a song called ‘Live For You’. Here’s what he told about working with Brad:

“It’s going to get a lot of attention … and I’ll leave it at that ’cause I wanna let him talk about it. I don’t wanna spoil his thing on his album but we did something that was really cool. The song we did on my record, it’s not like I’m trying to do a gimmicky thing. It’s not like, ‘Oh the country meets the rapper and it’s a hoedown!’ It’s none of that. He’s a great singer. I let him sing on something that I felt he would sound cool on, and play the guitar as well because musicianship is a huge part of this record. I wanted great musicians on my album. Brad was a lot of fun in the studio. He’s playing the guitar.”

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