Kanye West – Yeezus (Album Cover)

yeezus new cover

Kanye West likes to do things differently. After performing ‘BLK SKN HEAD’ and ‘New Slaves’ last night on Saturday Night Live, the G.O.O.D. Music boss has unveiled the cover for his forthcoming album Yeezus on his official website. It looks something in bronze mass, maybe a Jesus Piece but we’d have to see it in higher resolution to really make out what exactly it is.


In stores June 18th.

UPDATE: The album is now up or pre-order on iTunes. It features 14 tracks. We doubt the durations listed are real though.

UPDATE 2: We have added the high resolution cover above but the iTunes pre-order has been taken down. Thankfully, we saved a screenshot which you can peep after the jump.

UPDATE 3: As was suggested by the flyer we posted earlier, up top is the official look at the casing. There will be no cover. Thanks to Semtex.

UPDATE 4: As usually goes with Kanye’s album covers, here’s yet another update to the official version of the Yeezus artwork/casing courtesy of Kanye. The latest one has a simple tape or sticker, without “Yeezus”  written on it. You can peep the old for for comparison here.

kanye 14 tracks

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