Young Thug Interview With GQ


Outside of his music and Instagram posts that sometimes cause a stir, Young Thug is somewhat a mystery. He rarely does interviews and and when he does, is a man of few words.


GQ recently had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Hit the jump to find out why Young Thug would never buy one of Jay Z’s CDs, what his name would be if he were to change it and his ultimate aim with money.

GQ: Are you a music lifer?

Young Thug: Yeah, I’ma be here forever. I don’t want to rap forever. But I want to be rich forever.

Why not rap forever?

I don’t want to be 50 years old and rapping, man. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to do that. I’m pretty sure Jay Z don’t wanna rap right now.

Why is it such a young man’s game?

If you’re 30, 40 years old, you’re not getting listened to by minors. Like, Jay Z has some of the sickest lyrics ever, but I would never buy his CD, just because of my age and because of his age. By the time I turn that old, I ain’t gonna be doing what he’s doing.

What is the next step for you?

I hope to be like Bill Gates, bro. With all the money in the world. Like Wayne, someday I want one of those kind of careers. Or Michael Jackson.

At what age do you drop the “Young” from your name?

I don’t think I’m gonna drop it, ’cause I want to be forever young. But if I had to…

What would you change it to?

My little niece always calls me Jeff the Rapper, so I might change it to that.

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