Lupe Fiasco Launches New Health & Wellness App Higi

lupe higi

Past couple of months have been big for artists being named creative directors at various companies. After Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Joey Bada$$ and  Justin Timberlake, it’s Lupe fiasco’s turn to get his entrepreneurship brand up.


The Chi Town emcee has combined forces with Wrapports founder Michael Ferro to launch a new health and wellness App called Higi. The innovative app “calculates a Klout-like score (ranging from 1 to 999) that combines body vitals like blood pressure and weight and gives extra weight to wellness metrics like social interaction and community involvement.” It has beeen launched for iOS alone for now but will be available at physical retailers like Shop Rite and Kmart later this year.

Lupe was quite excited about the launch at SXSW in Austin yesterday and told this to Billboard:

“When I first checked in I was 160 [pounds] and my score was something like 760. I checked in today, and I was 155, but even though I lost 5 pounds I wasn’t active in my social activity enough and my blood pressure was a little high… It shows you how weight and wellness aren’t the same thing. You can be super fit and super depressed because you’re not interacting with your social network. You could work out and work out, but that doesn’t really translate to how happy you are in life. You could be at home super happy, super comfortable, just logging in to your computer all day, but your body is paying for it.”

Lupe speaks on the product:

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