Future Clears Confusion Behind ‘Drunk In Love’; Says It Was His Melody

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There has been a lot of talk about the resemblance between Beyonce’s smash hit ‘Drunk In Love’ and Future’s ‘Good Morning‘, a song that he performed at SXSW last month.


Future has addressed the situation in the past but not so clearly as he does in this CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson which took place yesterday in Atlanta. Future says that he had cut the record with producer Detail who sent it to Mrs. Carter. It had been 8 months since they did the demo when Beyonce suddenly dropped her album as a surprise featuring the song ‘Drunk In Love’ which later went on to become a huge hit.

The ATL rapper says he was planning to use the song for his own album but couldn’t do so for obvious reasons. When asked why he wasn’t credited on the song, he replied “I don’t know, you gotta ask them that“.

UPDATE: Watch the full Interview here.

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