HHNM 2015 Year-End List: Favorite Songs


Drake & Future – ‘Jumpman’ (Prod. by Metro Boomin)

What a Time To Be AliveOne of the more hyped songs from the duo’s joint album What A Time To Be Alive, ‘Jumpman’ quickly elevated itself above the rest, thanks to its club friendly appeal. The instrumental was one of those that every rapper feels the need to spit over despite the fact that the original will always be a fan favorite.



Lupe Fiasco – ‘Dots & Lines’ (Prod. by DJ Simonsayz & JackLNDN)

lupe-fiasco-tetsuo-&-youth-coverLupe fiasco’s Tetsuo & Youth was a masterpiece and one of its best records by far is track 4, ‘Dots & Lines’. Many are confused when they hear the banjo in the beginning and the end of the track but everything in between is nothing short of beautiful music. Oh good lord.

Drake & Future – ‘Diamonds Dancing’ (Prod. by Metro Boomin, Allen Ritter & Frank Dukes)

What a Time To Be AliveA stand out from What A Time To Be Alive, ‘Diamonds Dancing’ is a great display of Drake and Future’s song-writing ability and ear for infectious melody. The pair go back and forth effortlessly before Drake’s heartfelt outro which is easily one of our favourite moments of his from 2015.


Fetty Wap – ‘My Way’ (Prod. by NickEBeats & TMF Lil Brandon)

fetty wap my wayFans are spilt about whether or not Fetty Wap & Monty’s ‘My Way’ would have been as big as it was if Drake hadn’t jumped on it early in the year. We’ll never truly know but regardless, the song was brought to our attention and just like most of what Fetty released in 2015, stuck with us throughout.

Drake – ‘Back 2 Back’ (Prod. by Daxz & Noah “40” Shebib)

back to backDrake’s “Back To Back” will be remembered for several years to come. The man got a Grammy nomination for a diss track, he won the beef against Meek Mill by a landslide and the amount of punchlines found in “Back To Back” is insane. If he didn’t drop “Hotline Bling,” this would be Drake’s best song of the year, and maybe one of his best ever.



Lupe Fiasco – ‘Mural’ (Prod. by The Buchanans)

lupe-fiasco-tetsuo-&-youth-coverWhen this song came out in January, we predicted nothing would match its level in lyricism and it’s tough to say we were wrong. It sits at 8 minutes long and consists of some of the best rapping you’ll ever hear in your life. Hit play and let your mind be blown. Oh, and ‘Mural Jr.’ is on the way.

Wiz Khalifa – ‘See You Again’ (Feat. Charlie Puth) (Prod. by DJ Frank E)

see you againIf you turned on a radio at any point last year, chances are that you heard Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s ‘See You Again’. What started off as a song on the Furious 7 soundtrack ended up being much more, a tribute to the life of Paul Walker and the theme music to people around the world. Not to mention – it made Hip-Hop history.

Big Sean – ‘One Man Can Change The World’ (Feat. Kanye West & John Legend) (Prod. by Amaire Johnson)

Dark Sky Paradise (Deluxe)What a year Big Sean has had. Filled with successes and learning points, this single with Kanye West and John Legend was moving for anyone who listened to it. The lyrics are introspective and unapologetically honest, making this not only a favorite from Dark Sky Paradise but one of the stand out records last year.

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