Here Are The Production Credits On Lupe Fiasco’s New Album ‘DROGAS WAVE’

UPDATE: After we posted our production credits as they were on streaming services, Lupe tweeted out some corrections. View them below.


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Lupe Fiasco’s new double-disc album DROGAS WAVE is out now and it’s his first independent project and sounds incredible so fans are going extra hard with the support. You can stream the LP here.

Here are the production credits for the album. It might surprise some to see that Lupe himself is credited as a producer on 21 of the 24 tracks, sometimes on his own.

1) ‘In The Event Of Typhoon’
Performed by Leila Z. Braimah-Mahamah

2) ‘Drogas’
Prod. by Soundtrakk, Dylan James and Davin “ChristopherKillumbus” Boykin

3) ‘Manilla’
Prod. by Freeway Tjay

4) ‘Gold vs. The Right Things To Do’
Prod. by S1 and Shndo

5) ‘Slave Ship (Interlude)’
Performed, composed & recorded by Rosy Timms

6) ‘WAV Files’
Prod. by Soundtrakk

7) ‘Down’ (Feat. Nikki Jean)
Prod. by Soundtrakk

8) ‘Haile Selassie’ (Feat. Nikki Jean)
Prod. by Soundtrakk

9) ‘Alan Forever’ (Feat. Crystal Torres)
Prod. by Davin “ChristopherKillumbus” Boykin

10) ‘Helter Skelter (Interlude)’
Performed by Brother Nate

11) ‘Stronger’ (Feat. Nikki Jean)
Prod. by T3K

12) ‘Sun God Sam & The California Drug Deals’ (Feat. Nikki Jean)
Prod. by VohnBeatz, Christian Sager and Carl McCormick

13) ‘XO’ (Feat. Troi Irons)
Prod. by Simon Sayz and Ian Valentine

14) ‘Don’t Mess Up The Children (Interlude)’
Performed by Dr. Nolan Shaw

15) ‘Jonylah Forever’
Prod. by Soundtrakk

16) ‘Kingdom’ (Feat. Damian Marley)
Prod. by DJ Dahi and Oren Yoel

17) ‘Baba Kwesi (Interlude)’
No credits listed

18) ‘Imagine’ (Feat. Simon Sayz & Crytal Torres)
Prod. by Simon Sayz and Ian Valentine

19) ‘Stack That Cheese’ (Feat. Nikki Jean)
Prod. by Floss Flame

20) ‘Cripple’ (Feat. Elena Pinderhughes)
Prod. by Soundtrakk

21) ‘King Nas’
Prod. by Soundtrakk

22) ‘Quotations From Chairman Fred’ (Feat. Nikki Jean & Bishop Edgar Jackson)
Prod. by VohnBeatz and G.I.

23) ‘Happy Timbuck2 Day’
Prod. by Simon Sayz and Ian Valentine

24) ‘Mural Jr.’
Prod. by Johnny “JT” Thomas Jr.

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