Kanye West Announces ‘Yeezus’ Sequel ‘Yandhi’ & Release Date

UPDATE: It’s official, Kanye West will release his new album Yandhi on September 29th. He has also formally announced that his album with Chance The Rapper is titled Good Ass Job.


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Earlier today, it was revealed that Kanye West will perform on SNL on September 29th and his performances there are always special so fans got excited. But Ye took to Twitter afterwards to shoot the hype through the roof.

First he tweeted a text conversation with someone who sent him a picture of the SNL announcement and instead of his name, it said “Yandhi” but this didn’t mean much to anyone.

Then he tweeted a picture of a minidisc which is now synonymous with the Yeezus artwork. Fans put together the fact that just like the name Yeezus is a combination of Ye and Jesus, Yandhi could be a combination of Ye and Gandhi. Perhaps the picture he tweeted (which is above) could be the artwork. Def Jam didn’t shut down the idea when Complex wondered the same.

Do you think this is a coincidence or there is something behind it?