Plies Arrested at Tampa Airport for Carrying Gun in Bag

Will these rappers ever learn? We don’t know. Plies is the latest artist who has landed in trouble for carrying a gun in his bag at an airport.


Plies was arrested after a gun was found in his carry-on bag as he was trying to board a plane at the Tampa International airport on Wednesday morning. TMZ reports that the rapper was getting a bag scanned before getting onto a Delta flight when TSA agents discovered a Glock 43 in one of his bags along with a fully-loaded magazine lying beside it.

Plies did not have a permit for the gun in question and was arrested immediately for carrying a concealed weapon, which is a felony. He is currently in custody at Tampa International and will be soon transferred to Hillsborough County Jail. He reportedly mistakenly grabbed the wrong bag before heading to the airport and is otherwise a registered gun owner.

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