Russ Talks Anti-Drugs Message; Says He Plans To Make Just 2 More Albums

Russ recently released his new album Zoo and he made a stop on The Breakfast Club this morning to discuss that and much more.


Russ openly talked about the toxic nature of today’s social media and how it’s affecting mental health of kids. The rapper conveys a strong anti-drugs message, asking kids to not idolize artists who do things like create drugs inspired merch to earn a buck. Russ says today’s climate is a “zoo” and that is what inspired the name of his LP.

He further discusses importance of touring for upcoming artists, not running after fake validation and more. “Y’all are idolizing getting a chain from this rapper who might sign you and shelve you, I was idolizing booking agents.” He also revealed that as of now, he plans to make just two more albums before “getting out of here.” Watch the interview below.

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