Offset Crashes Cardi B’s Set at Rolling Loud; Asks Her to Take Him Back

In a dramatic turn of events at the Rolling Loud festival on Saturday, Offset crashed Cardi B’s headlining set and asked her to take him back.


In the middle of Cardi’s performance, Offset emerged from the side of stage with a big “take me back Cardi” banner, flowers and cake. Rolling Loud had tweeted about something viral-worthy taking place tonight during their festival in L.A. so it looks like it was orchestrated with their help.

Cardi B however, did not look pleased at the gesture and asked the stuff to be removed so she could get on with the remainder of her set. The live stream was also cut off at this point. Take a look at the footage below. Offset had taken to Instagram two days ago and publicly apologized to Cardi for messing up.

UPDATE: Cardi reacts to Offset’s attempt to win her back.

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