Chance The Rapper Previews Track List For Debut Album

UPDATE (July 26): The album is now out officially! Steam it here — it features Nicki Minaj, Shawn Mendes, Gucci Mane and more.


Previous story (June 28):

Chance The Rapper has been saying all year that he’ll be putting out his official debut album in July and even after his single ‘GRoCERIES‘ didn’t receive the reception perhaps planned, it looks like he’s sticking to his word.

Tonight, Chance’s album will be up for pre-order along with tickets for the accompanying tour. He’ll also be releasing 10 Day and Acid Rap on streaming services. In the trailer posted for the album and the “next chapter” beginning, Chance previews a tentative track list for the album where you can make out titles.

I did my best to fill out what I could but you can check out the video for yourself below to fill in the blanks.

Tentative Tracklist:

1) ‘Big Fish’
2) ‘On The Run’
3) ‘Sun Come Down’
4) ‘Girl In Town’
5) ‘Hot Water’
6) ‘Not Single No More’
7) ‘Do You Understand’
8) ‘Rooster’
9) ‘Simply’
10) ‘—–‘
11) ‘Even If It Hurts’
12) ‘Slide Around’
13) ‘Pray For Real’
14) ‘Side Things’
15) ‘Skim Thru’
16) ‘Five Yr Plan’
17) ‘Where Ya Goin’
18) ‘We Go High’
19) ‘—–‘
20) ‘—–‘

(Watch at 0:53 mark for the tracklist.)

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