Chance The Rapper ‘The Big Day’ & NF ‘The Search’ First Week Sales

UPDATE 3: After a hectic week, the final numbers are in. NF has stolen the #1 spot last minute and managed to sell 124,550 copies first week with 80,774 coming from pure sales. Chance comes in just behind with 118,373 sales plus streaming with 30,443 from pure sales.


UPDATE 2 (Aug. 1): The gap between the projections for both albums has now shrunk with Chance at 110-125k and NF at 105-115k. It’s a close race.

UPDATE (July 31): An interesting development here. Both projections have increased, with Chance’s now at 110k125k and NF’s at 85k95k.

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Both Chance The Rapper and NF released albums on Friday and as The Big Day and The Search neared the July 26th release date, a lot of people speculated that the battle for the #1 spot could be a very close one. Now the first week sales projections are in.

Chance’s debut album is set to sell 90k100k copies first week with 24k-27k coming from pure sales. This would likely put him at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart next week.

NF is not far behind, with his album estimated to move 80k90k copies first week with a whopping 55k-60k of that number coming from pure sales. Yes, the Michigan rapper’s fans really go out and support him. This is going to be a very interesting fight to the top so stay tuned as the numbers update through the week.

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