Lupe Fiasco Releases New Song & Video ‘Air China’: Watch

If you aren’t aware, Lupe Fiasco has been busy with his docu-series Beat N Path for the past couple of years. The series sees the Chicago rapper leave everything to embark on a cross-cultural journey across China to live out and discover his passion for martial arts.


The series was mainly aimed at the China and South East Asian markets as Lupe practices with Kung Fu Masters throughout China, while also taking the opportunity to explore the country’s exploding Hip-Hop scene. In addition to the series, Lupe has recorded a brand new song titled ‘Air China’ which is inspired by his journey and experience through the series.

The song comes along with a music video which gives you a sneak peek into the feel of the series. That aside, this is the most commercial that Lupe has sounded in a while. We quite like it. A teaser is below — you can watch or listen to the full song on this link.

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