Azealia Banks Announces Retirement From Music

Azealia Banks has announced that she is leaving music for good.


For the past couple of years, the rapper-singer’s output has been quite low and she has hinted at retiring from the game a couple of times. But it looks like this time, she isn’t going back on her decision and is done for real.

Banks announced her decision via an Instagram story on Sunday night. In the process, she also took shots at other female artists like Iggy Azalea and Tinashe who she believes are nowhere close to her in terms of talent. “I think you guys are into a lot of sh*t/people I just don’t find value in. I find myself acknowledging/looking at sh*t I’m leagues above and it really is such a setback lol,” she wrote in her caption before calling Iggy and Tinashe “little trash b*tches.”

The Harlem rapper who broke out in the industry with the futuristic single ‘212‘ in 2011, further says that a lot of the female artists today bite her sound so she’s going to “leave the crumbs on the floor and let the eco-system do what it does.” She concludes by saying she’s leaving the scene for good. “Azealia Banks is leaving the forest so you tree a*s b*tches can fall in silence.”

You can check out the full post above. Azealia released her last official project, Slay-Z in 2017 featuring appearances from Rick Ross and Nina Sky.