Lil Wayne Calls Out Riyadh After He Reportedly Almost Gets Arrested on Drug Charges

Lil Wayne was one of the headliners at Diriyah Music Festival on Saturday, November 30 as part of the country’s Ad Diriyah season along with fellow rappers Tyga and Future.


This was Wayne’s first performance in the territory, held at heritage site north-west of Riyadh. But Weezy did not have a pleasant experience at the show. His performance went as planned but the rapper had trouble with the law officials relating to drugs.

Lil Wayne sent out a tweet saying “Never going to Riyadh again !!!” and according to the fans present at the venue, the issue stemmed from the reason that he was trying to smoke weed at the venue when that’s completely illegal as per local laws. It’s common knowledge that drug laws are extremely strict in the Gulf countries.

One the of the officials tweeted back to him saying that when he knows no type of drugs are allowed in the country, he should have been more careful “Im sure they have informed you, drugs are not allowed here. But you though we are in desert, who will know,” he said.

Another official replied to Weezy in a similar fashion: “Drugs are not allowed in Saudia Arabia and I am sure that our guys informed you before, and you thought that we are kidding,so shut up and go back to your home.” Apparently Weezy didn’t get the memo.

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