#QuarantineSpotlight: S4G4 – ‘Lost’

The Coronavirus pandemic has created havoc around the world with some experts calling it even more deadly than the World Wars.


With hundreds of deaths everyday around the world due to the virus, the economy has taken a hit which means some creators, especially those who are independent, are barely making ends meet. We at HHNM decided to do our little part by hosting a Twitter submission where we asked upcoming artists to hit us with their best music.

After some raps from GATSON and some some soul music from North Carolina singer-songwriter CYANA called ‘New Phone, Who Dis?‘, we have the third selection for you tonight. Here is the versatile duo from Mississauga, Canada named S4G4 with their solid record ‘Lost’. Listen below. You can also check out their recently released remix over Drake’s ‘Chicago Freestyle’ here.

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