Russ Announces He’s 100% Independent Again

Russ recently took to social media to preview a new song produced by the legendary DJ Premier so he’s definitely cooking up new music.


It looks like he’s making some business moves behind the scenes as well. In a surprise announcement, the rapper-producer revealed that he’s now “back 100% independent.” He continued that statement with “Yโ€™all know what that means right,” followed by few side eye and music tunes emojis.

Russ did not expand further on it but we’re assuming it means he’s no longer signed to Columbia Records with whom he put out three studio albums: There’s Really a Wolf (2017), Zoo (2018) and Shake the Snow Globe earlier this year. Prior to partnering with the Sony-owned company, he had already made enough strides in the game to strive as an indie artist with his DIY approach. The Atlanta resident produces most of his stuff on his own as well.

Russ also shared a precious moment where he recently bought his mother a Bentley. Congrats!